About My Experiments with Food

Welcome to my world of experiments in the kitchen. To be frank, when I was growing I never entered kitchen. My mother is a great cook, and so are my sisters. I had always been the taster. But things changed for me, especially after I moved away from home. Good food was rare for me. I used to desperately wait for weekends, so that I could make rounds to my relative’s place …just for good food ….lol!!!

Slowly, I started to experiment with food. I would look for different recipes, ask my mother through mail or SMS, get the recipes and try them out. Many a times, salt would be more or something would go missing.  Either the food would come out too bland or it would be like eating a gunpowder. Nevertherless, you can say that food that came on table was horrible…. But slowly, those experiments started to yield results. Now, I am not only making good food, but also my recipes come out pretty well.

Hats off to my husband, who bore all this (burnt food, spicy veges, rotis like history maps…).  This blog is for those people who love to cook and enjoy eating good food.

My blog does not have any food pictures as of now, but I am planning to add some soon. ..


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