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Corn and Bean Salad

Ingredients1 tin baked beans on tomato sauce1 cup corn, boiled1 capsicum, boiled½ cup potatoes, boiled and chopped1 tablespoons fresh curds, beatenSalt, pepper to taste Method Mix all ingredients to make creamy salad. Fill in a bowl with salad leaves arranged … Continue reading

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Corn Kofta Curry

IngredientsFor kofta:1 cup grated fresh corn¼ cup flattened rice1 potato boiled and mashedJuice of 1 lemon3 green chillies, finely choppedSalt and sugar to tasteHaldi powder2 tablespoons corn flourOil for deep frying For gravy3 tablespoons butter1 large onion chopped4 green chillies, … Continue reading

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Corn and Mushroom Pulao

Ingredients 2 cups of rice1 onion chopped1 capsicum chopped1 cup mushroom pieces1 cup corn, boiled4 tablespoons ghee2 tablespoons biryani masala¼ teaspoon haldiSalt to taste Method Cook rice in salt water till done but firm grains. Heat ghee, add onions, sauté … Continue reading

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Baked Macaroni in Sauce

Ingredients1 cup macaroni1 cup chopped, boiled vegetables (carrot, cauliflower, green peas)¼ chilli powder½ pepper powder½ tsp ajwain powder2 tbsps grated cheeseSalt to taste MethodAdd salt, pepper, and chilli powder to the tomato puree.Simmer for 2 minutes. Add the chopped vegetables … Continue reading

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Cabbage Rolls

Ingredients1 large cabbage200 gms mashed potatoes or rice50 gms baby corn50 gms sprouted beans50 gms capsicum50 gms carrot5-6 cloves of garlicSalt to tastepepper powder as required40 ml oil50 gms butter100 ml tomato pureeA small sprig of parsley1 onion finely chopped1 … Continue reading

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Noodles Pakaros

Ingredients 1 packet magi noodles (Masala)1 cup of besan100gms of paneer cut into small cubes3 green chillies (chopped)\salt to taste2/3 cups of wateroil for deep frying MethodCook magi noddles as per instructions as provided at the back of the pack … Continue reading

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Cream Caramel

IngredientsMilkmaid – 1 tinMilk – 500 mlEggs – 4Lemon – 1 grated rind onlySugar – 2 tbsp MethodPreset oven at 180 degree C. Place a shallow pan of water in it. Heat sugar in the ring mould till it melts … Continue reading

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